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Active Bookshelf Speaker with Sub-out

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The Edifier R1280DBs active Bluetooth bookshelf speakers have been upgraded to include a sub-out feature with automatic detection and built-in crossover. The unique feature of a Soundfield Spatializer simulates a larger soundstage with the touch of a button. This feature allows these near-field monitors to produce a panoramic sound stage. Connect the speaker wirelessly to your phone, tablet and laptop using the latest Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth Version: BT 5.0

RMS: 42 Watts

Inputs: BT/Optical/Coaxcial/Dual RCA

Mids 101mm Bass Drivers

Tweeters: 13mm Silk Dome Tweeters

Remote: Yes

Special Features: Line Out (Sub out) Port

2 x R1280DBS Speakers

1 x Speaker Cable

1 x RCA-RCA Cable

1 x RCA-3.5mm Jack

1 x Optical Cable

1 x Remote Control

1 x Instruction Manual


  • Qualcomm Bluetooth V5.0 for stable wireless connection

  • Front bass reflex port

  • Multiple Inputs: Optical, Coaxial, Bluetooth, Dual RCA, Subwoofer output

  • Wireless remote for easy control

Soundfield Spacializer

Allows these near-field monitors to produce a panoramic sound stage.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth 5.0 technology allows you to stream top-quality audio wirelessly from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Wireless Remote

Equipped with a wireless remote for easy control of volume, mute/unmute, sound field extension, switch OPT/COAX mode, switch line-in, and Bluetooth mode.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
domenico pulella

Love them

Jacobus Benecke
R1280 DBs, being impressed is an understatement!

Whilst I was disappointed by the bad experience when I tried to experience these speakers at the Edifier Warehouse and an unhelpful attutude I, never the less, ordered them through Takealot and installed them with my Yamaha YST-SW45 8 inch subwoofer. Setting up took a while but when it was done they were beyond expectations! I highly recomend for a small to medium room, especially with an 8 inch subwoofer.

Jaco Geldenhuys
Excellent product

These are probably some of the nicest speakers one can buy for their desktop, and they'll most likely be absolutely fine for home theater use as well, as long as your living room is not too big. To my ears they have a typical V sound signature, as in exaggerated lows and highs, with slightly recessed mids. They can get pretty darned loud and I thus never really stretch them to their limits. For such small speakers, with a 4" woofer, they have a surprisingly decent amount of bass, but if its not enough you can always add a subwoofer to the sub out. Highs are very clear to me, with slighlty lower mids, but take note I am using them in a near field configuration and thus your mileage might vary. Build quality is excellent, and even though the wood grain is clearly plastic, they still look pretty good. The included remote works perfectly, but it is a bit of a fingerprint magnet. I do not really use the bluetooth capability, but it did work without a hitch during a quick test.

Not a good review

I purchased a pair of these a couple of years ago - mainly because I was trying to get the audio from my TV (Samsung 65") away from the TV itself using Bluetooth instead of wiring.
The speakers worked out of the box, but the remote was DOA.
Did not worry about the remote because I could change the volume on the TV.
Turned out that my TV did not have a Bluetooth output - so the speakers were used as pc speakers until I bought a new TV.
Although everyone seems to be OK with these speakers - on Bluetooth they are very muffled and lacking in quality treble completely.
I have the bass control centered and the treble flat out.
By the way, as PC speakers (wired) they were also not good, but I presumed that the issue was the sound card of the PC.
So the lack of quality is not related to the source device.
Why you would want to use a bass bin on this - I cannot answer - the one thing these speakers are not short of, is bass.

Add T5s

Wonderful sound, add the T5s, really makes a difference!
Superb quality, more than enough for a television, if paired with T5s.
Decided on R1280DBs with T5 instead of soundbar.

Modern Sound - Classic Design


Experience true freedom from wired connections with this Bluetooth speaker and enjoy

the best audio. You can connect it to devices wirelessly using Bluetooth 5.0, suitable for IOS, Android, MAC,

or Windows devices.


Soundfield Spatializer simulates a larger soundstage with the touch of a button.

This unique feature creates a wide-filled sound by optimizing each channel, sending out opposite signals

to eliminate mutual interference and improve separation.


They come with removable grills that protect your speaker drivers. They are easy to remove for cleaning.

sub-out & opt/coax inputs

When connected, the sub-out automatically detects the subwoofer and activates the digital crossover.Optical and coaxial inputs ensure that you will always enjoy music with lossless sound quality. Dual RCA inputs allow you to connect to two devices at the same time. Connect to your devices such as phone, laptop, tablet or gaming console with included Fiber Optical input cable, RCA to RCA audio cable, and 3.5mm-RCA audio cable.

Classic wood finish

These impressive speakers are housed in MDF wood, designed to effectively prevent resonance. 

precise control

Convenient dials on the side panel of the primary speaker allow you to adjust the bass,

treble and volume to sort your preference, press the volume dial to toggle between inputs.

wireless remote

Adjust volume, mute/unmute, switch inputs, Bluetooth, select sound field extension and line-in mode with the wireless remote, 

no need to leave the couch.




R/L: 21W+21W RMS



Qualcomm 3003 V5.0





LINE IN 1, LINE IN 2, Optical, Coaxial, Bluetooth



Φ13mm tweeter unit + 4-inch mid-woofer





LINE IN1 R/L:500±50mV

LINE IN2 R/L:600±50mV

Optical /Coaxial R/L:350±50mFFS

Bluetooth R/L:700±50mFFS