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Warranty Policy


Warranty Terms: Edifier Consumer Electronics Products


Edifier® Speakers, Headphones, Earphones & Earbuds - Limited Warranty – For South Africa


The limited warranty as set forth below, is provided by Majors for Minors SA (Pty) Ltd T/A Diversicor (herein after referred to as “Diversicor”) for Edifier products, as distributed under exclusive license, in South Africa.

The warranty relates to Edifier (and all its sub-brands) products and product categories. This limited (1) One Year warranty applies to manufacturing defects for all its authentic products purchased in South Africa, or from an authorised reseller as appointed by Diversicor.

  • In order for a product to be considered for a warranty claim, a proof of purchase in the form of a receipt or invoice clearly indicating the model number, purchase price and date of purchase must be provided.
  • Diversicor reserves the right to inspect and assess any product and at its sole discretion choose to repair, replace or refund the item within the warranty conditions and warranty period.
  • All warranty claims through Diversicor are under the sole discretion of Diversicor and should all procedures stated in this warranty policy not be adhered to, it may cause the warranty claim to become null and void.
  • Any Edifier product purchased from Diversicor or an authorised reseller that is faulty / defective at the time of purchase, received in original sealed packaging, and provided this product is returned within 7 (seven) days from date of purchase, will be exchanged for the identical product.
  • Any faulty / defective product returned to Diversicor, or its authorized reseller, within the warranty period, and outside of the initial 7 (seven) day period, and proven to be defective upon inspection, will be repaired with new or comparable rebuilt parts or exchanged for a refurbished or new Edifier product, as determined by Diversicor, or the authorized reseller in conjunction with Diversicor. In the event that the product cannot be repaired, and it can be shown to be a product fault, it will be replaced.





  • Any faulty / damaged / defective product returned to Diversicor, or its authorized reseller, within the warranty period, and outside of the initial 7 (seven) day period from date of purchase, and if such fault / damage / defect can be shown, in the experienced opinion of the Diversicor service department, to be in such state as a result of the purchaser, and not by way of any fault / damage / defect of the product in its originally sold state, shall not be covered by any form of warranty.
  • Diversicor will endeavour, to the best of its ability, to repair the product for the purchaser. In such an instance, the onus will be on the purchaser to arrange for the product to be delivered to Diversicor’s offices, and at the purchaser’s expense.
  • If there is any cost associated with the repair out of warranty, Diversicor will first provide a quotation for the cost of repair. The purchaser, at their election, can either accept or reject the quotation.
  • In the event that the quotation is accepted, the purchaser will be required to pay for the cost of repair upfront, prior to the repair being done.
  • In the event that the purchaser rejects the quotation, then the purchaser will be responsible for the cost of delivery of the product back to the purchaser.
  • Neither Diversicor nor any of its authorised resellers will be responsible for any incidental damages incurred in the use of any Edifier products.
  • Diversicor’s obligations under this warranty do not apply to any defect, malfunction or failure due to misuse, abuse, improper installation, use with faulty or improper equipment or the use of the products with any equipment for which they were not intended.
  • This warranty will not cover any consequences, expressed or implied, including but not limited to, the loss of life, loss of profit, or any other resultant losses.

This warranty is the exclusive and only warranty in effect for any Edifier products as sold in South Africa, by Diversicor. No other warranty in any form will be applicable nor valid.