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Active Bookshelf / Multimedia Speaker

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Not only is the R2000DB stunning, this bookshelf speaker will leave you speechless. An ideal speaker for computers, gaming consoles and mini home theatres. Its comfortable in just about any environment, giving it the diverse functionality suited for any lifestyle. It houses an encased MDF wooden enclosure which minimizes acoustic resonance. The R2000DB bookshelf speakers considers your Hi-tech needs and concerns while driving quality performance and entertainment value. Edifier’s bookshelf speakers with Bluetooth capability produces spectacular sound with exceptional presentation.

Power output : RMS 24W x 2 + 36W x 2

Signal to noise ratio :≥85dBA

Frequency response :50Hz ~ 20 KHz

Input sensitivity :Line 1: 800mV ±50mVLine 2: 600mV ±50mVOPT: 500mFFs±50mFFs

Input type :Bluetooth, 3.5mm to RCA,Optical

Tweeter driver :Φ25mm Ru-Fe-B silk dome 6Ω

Mid range and bass :5" ferrite, 4Ω

2 x R2000DB Speakers

1 x Remote Control

1 x Optical Cable

1 x RCA-RCA Audio Cable

1 x 3.5mm - RCA Audio Cable

1 x Speaker Connecting Cable

1 x User Manual


  • 25mm Eagle Eye tweeters

  • 5" bass unit

  • Pair devices via Bluetooth

  • High-gloss piano finish for a stylish look

  • Connect any device with Bluetooth v4.0

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shanil Ramcherita
Sound is amazing

Very well balanced set of speakers. Super clear vocals and really good deep bass. All-round satisfying, whether you're listening to music or watching a movie. I'm using the optical connection between the TV and speakers. Very good vaule for money. I've had the R1280DB's previously. They were great speakers for their price, but left one longing for that deeper bass which the R2000DB handles very well.

Patrick Roux
Edifier R2000DB

Great Sound, Excellent Qualityl and Value for money.

Kevin Rheeder

The sound coming from these speakers are amazing. Both low and high frequencies sound great. Takes a bit of fine tuning but overall the sound is really good. More than enough to get the neighbors to complain.

My only gripes would be the 1: The remote - It is extremely small and feels like its going to break.I've lost a few times already. 2 : Would have been nice if you could see the actual volume of the speakers. You have the volume input at the back but you dont know what level you are at as it just turns and turns. Having a min and max with some or other numerical output of the volume level would be great.

If those issues could be addressed, I think these speakers would be such an amazing addition to any entertainment setup. Currently running it from my TV via the optical out with the PlayStation 5 connected as well.

25mm Silk Dome Eagle Eye Tweeters & 5" Bass Unit

Spectacular, distortion-free audio in a slick, modern package

Lossless Optical Input Support

Enjoy a lossless digital connection to TVs, DVD players or gaming consoles

Dual AUX Input with Remote

Ditch the hassle of plugging and unplugging devices constantly.

Hi-Res Audio Certified Powered Speakers.

Eagle Eye

Using newly developed 25mm silk dome “Eagle Eye” tweeters, thisbookshelf speaker makes the slightest sounds clear. With desirable dimensions and improved specs the “Eagle Eye” lives up to its reputation and demand.  With the redesigned elements of the R2000DB bookshelf speakers, distortionin your audio experience is a thing of the past. Edifier has built in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) andDynamic Range Control (DRC) to minimise distortion, keeping your listening experience in mind.    Your studio is precious and should not be defiled with the inconsistencies of outdated designs.

Function meets style

Edifier’s R2000DB bookshelf speakers has a high gloss piano finish as a touch of elegance to match your rooms décor. Any studio or living space housing these bookshelf speakers should be met with thoughtful design and comfortable style. The luxury of a gloss finish is something Edifier does not take for granted. The R2000DB speakers exemplify this reality.

Versatile and dual connection

Connect devices to the R2000DB through optical and RCA input. You can also have more than one device plugged in at a time. Using Bluetooth, you can pair your smartphone and avoid using wires. The versatility of the R2000DB bookshelf speakers seek to deliver an authentic listening experience mirrored with Hi-tech wireless functionality. Edifier providers all the bells and whistles characteristic of Bluetooth aptitude.



RMS 24W × 2 + 36 W × 2






Φ25mm Ru-Fe-B silk dome,6Ω



9.5in x 11.25in x 7.5in (WxHxD)


Signal to Noise Ratio