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B8 -  Cinesound Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Sub
B8 -  Cinesound Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless SubB8 -  Cinesound Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless SubB8 -  Cinesound Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Sub

Smart Home Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

R 5,999.99
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The Edifier B8 soundbar home theater system brings dynamic cinema experience right into your home. An upgrade to the Cinesound B7, this latest addition to the Edifier soundbar range is designed with high strength composite materials that minimize acoustic resonance and feature the latest in digital technology. It also comes with an MDF enclosed subwoofer. Enjoy movies, music and other radio audio entertainment formats with this stunning soundbar home theater system.


  • 7 digital and analog wired inputs

  • Classic inverted triangle design with a fashionable rounded curve

  • High specification configuration

  • Main unit consists of 2 silk membrane tweeters and 4 aluminum diaphragm mid and woofer units

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John Mercieca
Another quality Edifier product!

I've got Edifier speakers throughout the house, all with acceptional sound quality and this soundbar/subwoofer combo is no ecception. I love my Edifiers!

Excellent Sound Quality

Very happy with the B8 soundbar! Great sound quality for both music and movies.
I am very empressed with Edifier, so just ordered 2 pairs of Edifier bluetooth headphones as well!

Anees Kell

Good product nice sound

Professional Multifunctional TV Audio

Born for a big screen, high-standard acoustic architecture, simple design, stylish shape, 

multiple inputs such as Bluetooth, HDMI, fiber optics, low-latency 

wireless subwoofer, free to set up a home theatre system.

Professional high specifications

The B8 mainframe is composed of 2 silk membrane tweeters and 4 aluminum diaphragm mid-woofer units. Its magnetic steel is made of neodymium iron boron. 

The high magnetic flux density guarantees high-quality sound quality. The digital screen display is surrounded by silver-gray decorative circles, which can display the current sound source, volume

 level and sound field mode, as well as the visual focus of the entire SOUNDBAR, delicate and agile.

Simple and stylish

One-piece metal mesh cover, classic triangular design, rounded curve reveals fashion, 

and combined with a large-screen flat-screen TV above 55 inches, it easily integrates into the home.

Classic coloUr

The front net cover of the main unit adopts matte silver spray painting process, 

which shows the essence of metal in the exquisite, which is ingeniously echoed

 with the metal spray painting process of the rear shell, which is classic and atmospheric.

8-inch Subwoofer full of motion

Equipped with a 8-inch large-caliber long-stroke unit subwoofer, supercharged ground design, low-frequency

 can dive to 45Hz, whether it is watching a movie or watching a variety concert, easily competent for any large-scale

low-frequency performance.

Aluminum bass diaphragm

The midrange adopts a 70mm aluminum diaphragm unit,

 which has excellent dynamic response. With the design of a double 

inverted tube, the mid-low frequency performance is strong and impressive.


As a home entertainment center, I naturally hope to be able to connect more playback devices. Based 

on the standard wireless Bluetooth connection, the B8 also has 7 digital and analog wired inputs, and all 

audio sources are online at the same time.

Professional remote

Professional texture remote control, easily turn on standby, adjust volume, 

select sound source, switch modes, cooperate with digital screen display, 

make all states clear at a glance, all in the palm of your hand.

All digital DSP audio technology

B8 applies precise control electro-acoustic technology to the SOUNDBAR system. The digital processing chip is TLV320AIC3268, which independently performs electronic frequency division and dynamic range management on the treble channel and the middle and low channel.

High power digital power amplifier

B8 uses a total of three TI digital power amplifier chips TAS5754M. The host uses two. The subwoofer uses one. The whole unit can continuously distort the power up to 12W × 2, the bass 30W × 2, and the subwoofer 70W. Constantly.

High-quality analog-to-digital conversion

B8 adopts the ADC chip PCM9211 from BB Company of TI, which supports 24bit / 216kHz digital audio signal with high sampling rate and dynamic range up to 101dB, so as to ensure the accurate transmission of the signal.



R/L (Treble): 12W + 12W; R/L (Mid-range): 30W + 30W; SW: 70W



8 inch (210mm)



2 ¾ inch (70mm)



45Hz – 20KHz



inch (25mm)



≤25dB (A)


AUX input: R/L: 400±50mV; SW: 320±20mV Line in input: R/L: 600±50mV; SW: 500±20mV OPT/COX input: R/L: 350±50mFFs; SW: 250±20mFFs


AUX/Line in/Optical/Coaxial/HDMI/RAC line


R/L: 450±50mFFs; SW: 370±20mFFs